IEMURA (有)イエムラ

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Original Brand

Original Brand



From the eastern coast of Kyushu, nestled in mountains north of Miyazaki, IEMURA is a local (woodworking plant/carpentry shop/sawmill) catering to any and all things wood.  Based in Nobeoka City, IEMURA creates and develops unique wooden furniture and public installations and are now manufacturing their own original branded furniture starting with WOKA.
Thinking outside of the box and combining several core qualities together, IEMURA is constantly pushing innovation.
From being owner operated and always looking to improve the factory to having their experienced seasoned staff share their ideas with new eager apprentices, IEMURA is able to bring both the old and new together and create something truly unique.
By actively combining these values and making things that appeal to people’s hearts and minds/souls, our aim is for [人x∞] (people x ambition) meaning people’s ambitions are limitless and that our aim is to continually challenge and push what people are capable of, that is our Vision